Reading the Shelves – Check-In

Last week I updated the check-in with all of my end-of-year reading. Today I’m updating all of my 2019 reading efforts so far. After this, it’s back to the weekly updates. Improving patterns! Building good habits! Yes! (One too many self-help podcasts this week. Don’t panic. I’m switching back to the comedies.)

Also, I’m setting a picture-book reading goal for the year. I plan to read at least 500 picture books in 2019. This actually feels like a low number, so perhaps I’ll set a reach goal, as well. My reach goal for 2019 is 1000 picture books. Wish me luck!

Currently Reading

Fiction (Adult/YA)

  • Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. It can be fascinating to read a story from the perspective of a character who is so different from you in how they think about and interpret basic human interactions. Also, I’m only on Chapter 7, but I am already tense as I wait for the big reveal about the abuse Eleanor suffered at the hands of her now-institutionalized mother. There are definite echoes of Sybil.

Recently Completed

Picture Books

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